Cloud Software for the Hospitality Industry
Posted by systempmsinfo, 03/10/2018 10:44 am

Managing a hotel is complicated and hectic. It does not matter if the hotel has ten rooms or one-hundred rooms, keeping all the basic components organized is a juggling act. An advanced cloud software, Hotello, helps improve efficiency, customer service, and overall performance. This is accomplished with low infrastructure costs and various pricing options to accommodate all sizes of hotels.


The product consists of six different components that are all integrated to make hotel management easier. Clear dashboards, easy navigation tools, and year-round online training ensures clients get the maximum benefit from everything this hotel management software has to offer. The hub of activity for any hotel is the front desk.

There is so much happening than just reservations, check-ins, check-outs, and invoicing. Status and availability charts in real-time expedite customer services when staff are answering the phone, taking questions at the desk, or confirming reservations. Daily inventory management can be completed at the front desk in between customer arrivals and departures. Another aspect of this component is a simple night audit followed by automated data back-up.


This essential part of any hotel is improved in the details and finishing touches of customer service. Guest profiles and booking history let new staff know when a repeat customer is checking in. That presents the opportunity for a warm welcome that indicates appreciation. Sending out reminders, invoices, and thank you letters are important, but can easily be overlooked during peak season. This program will send them out automatically.

Booking form field customization provides pertinent information to accommodate preferences, special requests, and shuttle services to and from the nearest airport or bus station. Management features for cancellation policies, contacts, and prospects are included in the marketing component as well. Hotel owners or managers can go to for more details on marketing and all other components integrated into one system.

Demonstrations and Options

In order to get an idea of everything this one software product encompasses, a demonstration and detailed video are available at mingus software. Exactly what is included in the standard, premium, and custom sign-up options is outlined in a concise manner so owners can decide which version will best suit the needs, goals, and budgets for the hotel, or multiple branches of one brand. Competition is fierce as more and more people are opting to stay home during vacation times due to costs. Offer exciting promotions, an easy booking process, and great customer service to help the hotel thrive.

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